Guitarist Brian Bogaert, bassist Sander Huys and frontwoman Kaboré cross out the boundaries between music genres: from neo/progressive soul to fusion, world, pop and even jazz, EMY look at the world with an open mind. This also shows in the lyrics – introspective and intimate at times, portraying people and society at other times – and in the way they make music. Each song or project originates in a distinctive and fluid way, with no clear division of roles between the band members. They make music and write songs together, sometimes involving other musicians and producers, always resulting in something unique – and entirely EMY.

EMY is
Emy Kabore (vocals, writing, composing/arranging, art direction)
Brian Bogaert (guitars, composing/arranging, producing)
Sander Huys (bass, keys, composing/arranging)

Live band
Thibault Goudket (drums) 
Anthe Huybrechts (keys, backingvocals)
Sander Huys (bass)
Brian Bogaert (guitars, backingvocals)
Emy Kabore (vocals)

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